Todd Gallery

Robert E. Todd
Robert Todd Born in Ketchikan, Alaska, Robert's formative years were in Seattle. From a very early age he was totally consumed with drawing and painting. In his teens he enrolled in as many art courses as he could afford; studying anatomy, perspective, color, figure drawing and landscape painting. Having decided to make his living as an artist Robert turned to the advertising world. Eventually, with much hard work he became a successful illustrator and later an art director. As time went on he became increasingly unhappy with that profession so in 1973 he left the ad world to pursue a career in fine art. He and his wife, Karin, found property in the foothills of the Cascades. They established a home and gallery where he successfully sold his paintings. In 1984 they decided to leave the Northwest and find new territory. They settled in Vermont in a small village where in 1986 they opened Todd Gallery. Robert quickly became widely known and highly respected for his paintings of New England as well as of Ireland and his work was sought after by collectors up and down the East Coast as well as overseas.

In 2006 they decided that 20 years was long enough to be away from family and friends. They sold the gallery and moved back to Washington state where they built a home in Bellingham with an attached gallery and a studio. Located just above the Interurban Trail off of Chuckanut Drive; visitors are welcome. (Please call first, 360-676-5606.)

Todd Gallery   690 Chuckanut Drive   Bellingham, WA 98229     360-676-5606